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Case Study Church Street Hill


CHAD is well known for premium plaster services. However CHAD are also experts in Facades including application of render, texture and exterior paint at a high quality finish. One of their most high-profile projects is Church Street Hill, an upscale apartment complex in Melbourne.

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Exterior Texture Paint Application in Church Street Hill

Church Street Hill is tucked away on the edge of Church Street in Brighton, one of Melbourne’s most cosmopolitan villages. The $22-million development is a collaborative effort among premier boutique bayside property developer BPM; leading architect Rob Mills, internationally recognised for contemporary luxury design in residential properties; and award-winning landscape designer Jack Merlo. The result is a spectacular three-level urban retreat that epitomises modern Melbourne living in the vivid Brighton lifestyle of fine fashion, gourmet food, entertainment and business.

The construction of Church Street Hill called for the finest in building components and methods to achieve its sophisticated design and high-end functionality. Thus, CHAD was enlisted to carry out the rendering works to the external structural walls.

CHAD’s premium 5 coat external coating system was applied to the AFS wall system which consisted of the installation of full wall mesh, two (2) coats of CHAD Surface Coatings Pro Render, one (1) coat of CHAD Surface Coatings Fine Colour Texture, and two (2) coats of CHAD Surface Coatings colour Render Paint Sealer. CHAD’s premium 5 coat render system combined with the state-of-the-art AFS wall system, provides one of the smartest lightweight building solutions on the market. Using cutting-edge technologies combining CHAD Surface Coatings premium render coating system with AFS walling solutions, have allowed builders to save on valuable construction time for apartments, offices and other domestic and commercial properties.

CHAD Surface Coatings Texture is available in a fine, medium or coarse marble-based exterior texture coating. To complement the clean profile of this particular façade a Fine grade of CHAD Surface Coatings Texture was applied providing a sleek, superior modern finish to the façade. CHAD Surface Coatings Texture comes in a 15L pail for a coverage of 10m2 to 14m2 on all rendered substrates, including primed surfaces.

CHAD Surface Coatings Render Paint served as the final top coat sealer for the exterior texture coating. The acrylic paint sealer coating was applied in two (2) coats on all CHAD Surface Coatings Textured Surfaces. The low sheen of the paint contributed to the restrained elegance of Church Street Hill, providing a premium coating for protection from the harsh Australian weather elements and maintenance free allowing the coating system to maintain its superior new crisp finish for many years to come. CHAD offered full colour tinting services for the render paint to suit the specified requirements of the project. The coverage of CHAD Surface Coatings Render Paint Sealer is 120m2, varying with the grade of the texture, render and surface.

CHAD has built an impressive portfolio as the national leader in plaster, facade, insulation and paint solutions. As industry trends flux and flow, CHAD continues to deliver excellence with their growing catalogue, fuelled by their strict commitment to quality and service since 1987.

Get in touch with CHAD Facades for more information on the supply and application of premium exterior cladding and render coatings. Head on over to today. We’ve got all your surfaces covered!

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