CHAD Surface Coatings Texture

Marble based exterior texture coating for a superior finish. Can be tinted in white bases and can be applied by trowel or by spraying. A top coat of CHAD Surface Coatings Texture Paint is recommended.

  • Suitable Substrate: All Rendered Surfaces, All Primed Rendered Surfaces
  • Coverage: On a primed or rendered surface 10m2 – 14 m2 per 15lt pail.

Texture coating or ‘texture’ is another external coat that has become a growing popularity in housing. Texture is an acrylic product that is applied over a base render coat and has hundreds of different combinations of colours and textures. Chad Group Texture coating is made here in Oakleigh South in Melbourne and is the process of adding Marble to an existing thick paint coating. We use marble as there is a high risk of iron contamination in a sand base which leads to rust coming through the decorative texture coating after an extended period of time. Texture coatings offer many finishes that differ in thickness and profile. The Chad Group Surface Coatings Range consists of a Fine, a Medium and a Course texture.

Wet Patch Medium grade joint stopping compound and skim coat for application to typically a fibre cement sheet construction, or over a difficult substrate that would require a primary coating for the base render range to key into, or stick to. When 5 – 10 % cement is added, Wet patch is a highly flexible low shrinkage, pre mixed product that has excellent adhesion for the base coat render to be applied to and finished off with a texture coat to the desired effect.

  • chad-clear-base-medium-texture
    CHAD Clear Base Medium Texture
  • chad-white-base-medium-texture
    CHAD White Base Medium Texture
  • chad-clear-base-fine-texture
    CHAD Clear Base Fine Texture
  • chad-wet-patch
    CHAD Wet Patch
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