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Paint can transform an ordinary space into a brilliant one. It takes a blank canvas and turns it into the perfect home, or the perfect office – indoors and out! Both interior and exterior paint tell the world who you are, so what is your paint saying about you? Here at CHAD Group Australia we are all about stunning transformations.

No matter how solid and dependable your structure is – either an office building or a beautiful family home – most people won’t appreciate the incredible property unless you create the perfect ambience. Which is exactly what paint does for any building!

CHAD knows you want to make the best impression on anyone who passes by or enters your premises. We know that you also want things to be easy (and painting is never the easiest thing in the world). So, are you ready for a paint that will not only look amazing but will also stand up well to any outdoor element or indoor use? Are you ready to let a professional team take care of everything you need to create this perfect space?

Then we here at CHAD have exactly what you are looking for!

We do ALL the work for you: we prep and prime the walls (both indoor and outdoor – whatever type of painting you need done). We protect the rest of the environment (we know you don’t want paint getting on any furnishings!). And we, of course, paint the walls!

We offer the highest quality, and the most professional work.

We can supply any paint brand colour. Contact us now .


Whatever your project needs, we are here to help you through it. Our team is waiting to assist you every step of the way so make sure you contact CHAD Painting Services today.


Chad will assist you at all stages of installation & ongoing assessment & consultation through to completion.

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