Vitracore G2 Non-combustible Aluminium Cladding from CHAD

September 22, 2022

The CSIRO building in Monash, Victoria, features Vitracore G2 – a non-combustible aluminium cladding available from CHAD Group. Vitracore G2 offers the same contemporary look and functionality as traditional composite panels but offers a distinct core made from a profiled aluminium profile instead of combustible materials. In essence, Vitracore G2 is one of the toughest, non-flammable cladding solutions on the market, is safe to use, and requires minimal maintenance.


Vitracore G2 takes advantage of the same PPG coating system as traditional ACP. This means the same colour range is available. It boasts similar methods of manufacture and turn-round times. However, the technology used to create the innovative core of Vitracore G2 allows for uninterrupted production – enjoy greater precision, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.


This non-combustible, high-performance aluminium cladding from CHAD Group is a suitable long-term solution for facade or soffit applications. Vitracore G2 is available in a wide range of finishes including natural zinc, solid, metallic, imitation stone, corten, timber, copper, and even special effects.

Weatherproof (as per NCC Clause FP1.4) and compliant with AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, Vitracore G2 satisfies the requirements set by the National Construction Code for building facades. It has also partially met the criteria set by AS5113 regarding appropriate temperatures for the prevention of flame spread, as well as BS8414 and BR135. To find out more about Vitracore G2 non-combustible aluminium cladding available from CHAD Group, head over to today.

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