Sustainable Ceiling Insulation Batts with Earthwool® from CHAD

September 23, 2022

Ceiling insulation batts are sought-after components of a comprehensive insulation system in the modern Australian home. These high-performance products offer a threefold solution to all types of heat transfer, namely conduction, convection and radiation. Using ceiling insulation batts inhibits conductive heat flow; reduces the heat escaping through convection circulation; and diminishes the accumulation of radiant heat from the Sun. The result is regulated temperatures for a pleasant indoor ambience, coupled with exceptional energy savings in the long run.


CHAD-Approved Ceiling Insulation Batts:
CHAD boasts an extensive catalogue of building solutions, including ceiling insulation batts for both residential and commercial projects. One of their top-shelf products is Earthwool® by Knauf Insulation, US-based global leaders in insulation for nearly four decades. Amongst the top names in the Australian insulation sector, CHAD is proud to be an official supplier of Earthwool® for sustainable and high-performance insulation in Australia.

Earthwool® is a new generation of glasswool insulation, specially designed for ceiling applications. The ceiling insulation batts provide a dual-purpose thermal and acoustic barrier, available in a wide range of R-values for optimal thermal performance all year long. With Earthwool®, occupants can keep cool during the summer, while enjoying warm indoor temperatures amidst the winter cold.


At first glance, Earthwool® is notable for its unique brown colour. This appearance comes naturally, as a result of zero traces of formaldehyde, artificial colours or bleach in its composition. Earthwool® is manufactured from recycled glass bottles to achieve an energy-efficient, yet robust build. The odourless glasswool insulation is non-hygroscopic and rot-proof, resisting vermin and the proliferation of bacteria, mould and fungi.

Another attribute to Earthwool®’s sustainability is its ultra-soft feel, courtesy of embedded ECOSE® Technology. Developed by five years of concentrated research, ECOSE® Technology is a sophisticated, new binder for use in industrial processes. Whereas common insulation products use petrol-based chemicals, ECOSE® Technology only harnesses highly renewable bio-based materials for up to 70% reduction in embodied energy.

Earthwool® employs advanced compression packaging to minimise handling time and stockist storage costs. Glasswool insulation recovers quickly to full thickness, finishing off to a snug fit and sleek visual appeal. Applicators can easily cut and install Earthwool® thanks to its consistent build quality. In addition, the low dust emission of Earthwool® contributes to increased productivity and streamlined installation.

CHAD supplies Earthwool® in pre-cut rectangles of either 430mm or 580mm widths, allowing for compatibility with most ceiling joist centres. These sizes also make installation possible from below ceilings joists like within the room, or above ceiling joists like within the ceiling space.

Choose CHAD for sustainable ceiling insulation batts. Go to Earthwool page to learn more about CHAD’s trusted catalogue.

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