Quietspace Acoustic Panels for Cafes from CHAD

September 23, 2022

Autex’s Quietspace® is a highly sought after acoustic panel system in Australia, recognised for its superior sound absorption and aesthetic appeal. Manufactured with thermally bonded polyester fibres, these panels are known to effectively reduce and control echoes within building interiors. Quietspace® acoustic panels are also resistant to fading, a benefit for open and light spaces.


In action, Quietspace® was specified to solve the acoustic issues in Charlie & George Cafe. Since its opening, the cafe had been enduring unwanted echoes and noise from coffee machines, moving chairs, and voices. Redefining their environment, multiple 25mm White Quietspace® Panels were mounted 200mm from the ceiling. The effect of the acoustic panels was immediate upon installation; the cafe became warmer and more comfortable, benefiting both its customers and staff.

Manufactured with a clean white surface, Quietspace® had no difficulty blending into the existing interior design scheme of the Charlie & George Cafe. CHAD Group Australia is the exclusive supplier of Autex’s Quietspace®. For more information, visit today.

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