Non-combustible Aluminium Cladding – Vitracore G2 from CHAD Group

September 23, 2022

CHAD Group are proud to present this Vitracore G2 installation on the CSIRO building in Monash, Victoria. Vitracore G2 is a world-leading non-combustible aluminium cladding. Manufactured by Fairview, it is AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 compliant, satisfying the requirements set by the National Construction Code for building facades throughout Australia. Furthermore, it has been tested and adheres to the criteria set by AS5113 (for the prevention of flame spread), BS8414, and BR135.


In this case, Vitracore G2 was specified for its excellent mechanical properties and simple fabrication. It boasts the same turnaround time as a traditional aluminium composite panel and even uses the same PPG coating system so that all colours remain available. However, it is – importantly – non-flammable, and due to its excellent flatness, is able to be enhanced with a high-quality PVDF coating for weatherability and resistance to industrial pollutants.

In essence, Vitracore G2 is a safe, low maintenance, and long-term facade solution. For more information regarding this Monash project or Vitracore G2 from CHAD Group, including key benefits and more, visit Vitracore G2 page.

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