Marble-Based Exterior Texture Coating with CHAD Surface Coatings

September 22, 2022

CHAD covers all internal and external lining system needs with an expansive catalogue, ranging from marble-based exterior texture coating solutions to thermal insulation batts. Dedicated to the highest standard of quality, CHAD has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in service to various building and construction sectors in Australia. CHAD works in close collaboration with industry professionals (architects, builders and clients), from the concept stage all the way to the completion of the finished project, delivering outstanding results.

Marble-Based Exterior Texture Coating: The CHAD Way CHAD’s Facades Division is responsible for the supply of high-performance external cladding systems, mouldings, accessories, render paint, and texture coatings. For the latter, CHAD Facades are proud to present the centrepiece of their catalogue – CHAD Surface Coatings Texture.

CHAD Surface Coatings Texture is a marble-based exterior texture coating for building facades. It is available in a fine granularity for a clean and sleek profile, that complements contemporary facades. On the other hand, the medium and coarse grades are preferred to achieve more texture for typically period facade styles. CHAD Surface Coatings Texture is guaranteed to deliver a superior, high-quality finish.

Available in white or tinted base, CHAD Surface Coatings Texture adheres to all rendered substrates, including primed surfaces. CHAD Facades supplies the marble-based exterior texture coating in a 15L pail for a full coverage of 10m2 to 14m2. CHAD Surface Coatings Texture can be easily applied by using a trowel or spray equipment.

CHAD Surface Coatings Texture in Action CHAD Surface Coatings Texture has been specified and used for all kinds of commercial and residential developments across Victoria. Some of CHAD’s high-profile projects using the marble-based exterior texture coating include:


1. Church Street Hill – Church Street Hill is an upscale apartment complex in Brighton, the affluent beachside suburb of Melbourne. For the $22-million development, CHAD Surface Coatings Texture was applied in one (1) coat in a fine colour grade. CHAD Facades also used two (2) coats of CHAD Surface Coatings Pro Render, and two (2) coats of CHAD Surface Coatings Colour Render Paint to complete the premium five-coat external coating system.


2. Mill Park Residence – CHAD Surface Coatings Texture was used for a contemporary residential property along Oleander Drive in Victoria’s Mill Park suburb. In addition, CHAD Facades employed the sophisticated James Hardie Scyon™ Axon™ and Matrix™ Cladding, and CHAD Surface Coatings Render Paint.


3. CHAD Main Factory – CHAD Surface Coatings Texture was used for the facade of CHAD’s main factory along 1366 North Road in the Oakleigh South suburb of Victoria. It was applied along with CHAD Surface Coatings Pro Render and CHAD Surface Coatings Render Paint.

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