External Cladding Solutions from CHAD Group Australia

September 23, 2022

Established in 1987, CHAD Group Australia remains to be the leading provider of high-quality external cladding solutions, internal lining systems, façades, insulation and paint services for the building and construction industry.

CHAD’s external cladding solutions combine seamless architectural design, functionality and quality which helps a building structure achieve maximum energy-efficiency, acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as fire resistance.

Some of the external cladding solutions offered by CHAD include the following;


PoLYRENDER Thermal Façade

The PoLYRENDER external cladding solutions are designed and manufactured to insulate, decorate and protect exterior surfaces. The lightweight façade system is also flexible, fully BCA compliant, quick and easy to install.


Eco Panel

The Eco Panel – Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) wall panel delivers a durable, lightweight, steel reinforced innovative external cladding solution suitable for low-rise residential buildings and houses.

The use of Eco Panel paves the way to an improved and smarter method of building and construction. AAC is non-combustible and stable under fire loading, making Eco Panel one of the most efficient fire barriers among building materials with high load-bearing FRL ratings of 240/180/60, and non-load bearing FRL ratings of 240/240/240.

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