Commercial Plasterboard from CHAD Group Australia

September 23, 2022

Having the right commercial plasterboard is crucial to achieving a desired look and function that will last for a long time. And with a plethora of plasterboards on the market today, choosing “the one” can be a little daunting.

That is why CHAD is the go-to company of major industry specifiers and property owners as they offer a one-stop-shop solution for all commercial plasterboard, facade, insulation, and painting needs. With a combined experience of over 180 years in the building and construction industry, the Australian owned and operated company continues to provide customers with a client-centric service and high-quality building materials.

CHAD stocks an extensive range of all types of commercial plasterboard in their large drive-through Oakleigh South warehouse, making the supply and installation of residential or commercial settings fast and easy. Some of the commercial plasterboard CHAD offers includes;

  • Standard Recessed Edge Plasterboard: Available in 10mm and 13mm thickness, this plasterboard is ideal for internal walls and ceilings of residential and commercial applications. It fits well into areas where small cornices or skirtings are to be installed.
  • Fire Resistant Plasterboard: Suitable for internal wall linings where fire resistance is required. It also provides excellent acoustic benefits.
  • Water Resistant Plasterboard: Also known as wet area board, it is used to line walls and ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens, toilet areas, and laundry rooms.
  • Sound Resistant Plasterboard: These are high-density boards often used in residential or commercial applications that require soundproofing.
  • Impact Resistant Plasterboard: The Impact Board is ideal for areas that are subjected to an increased level of impact. It has a dense core board bolstered with fibreglass material to resist impact and daily knocks.
  • Ceiling Plasterboard: Designed specifically for ceilings allowing the board to span up to 600mm centres.
  • Flexible Plasterboard: Commonly used as a feature for curved walls and ceilings, it can bend up to 250mm radius (convex) 450 (concave).
  • Fibrous Cement Plasterboard: Ideal for bathrooms and ensuites that require recessed edges and water-resistant qualities.
  • Tile Underlay Plasterboard: Suitable for ceramic tile finishes, This plasterboard protects ceramic tile finishes against the natural movement.
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